We care about our beautiful environment and aim to be as self-sustainable as possible.


Sustainability and Organics are at the heart of Cable Bay Vineyards winegrowing philosophy. All of our sites are accredited with Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand, and the Cinders Vineyard in the Awatere Valley is certified organic with BioGro.

We have created a revolving cycle at our Waiheke site, where the vast majority of waste from the winery, kitchen, office and restaurant get broken down via hot composting and worm farms to make nutrient dense soil, which is then put back into the garden and vineyard to grow the produce and grapes for our chefs and winemakers to use.

A fantastic way that we combat weeds in winter is by letting sheep graze the vineyards in both Waiheke and Marlborough. The sheep eliminate the need to drive a tractor on the vineyard during the winter months, to mow or under-vine weed, they also naturally fertilise the ground and aerate the soil with their hooves.

On Waiheke Island, the Cable Bay Vineyard gardens include our resident chickens to produce fresh eggs and three hives of bees for honey production, crop pollination as well as the additional benefit of keeping fungus from growing on the grapes buy cleaning out ripened grapes which have been damaged by pests such as wasps.

We are proud to have created extensive organic kitchen gardens at Cable Bay. These gardens supply our chefs with top quality, nutrient-dense vegetables, and fruits as well as beautiful edible flowers, micro-greens, and garnishes, which they use to create their culinary masterpieces.

Being sustainable starts from respecting resources, the kitchen uses every part to minimise waste. This is done through utilising ingredients cut offs and incorporating them into the dishes through seasonings, dressings, and staff food.

Working with the seasons means the menu changes 3-4 times a year to work with what’s available in the garden as well as what is seasonal in New Zealand.

We strongly believe in a garden-to-table philosophy which aims to serve the freshest, premium ingredients straight from the source.