Extend your Cable Bay experience with our range of wine tastings – learn about each wine’s origin, style and sensory elements and what makes Cable Bay wines so unique.


Monday – Friday 11am – 5pm
Saturday- Sunday 10am-5pm

Cable Bay Vineyards welcomes visitors for wine tastings at the Cellar Door daily. Uniquely designed with an arched ceiling inspired by the wine barrels themselves, and full length windows to reveal our working winery, it’s the perfect spot to try from our range of award-winning wines.

Our friendly and knowledgeable wine specialists can talk you through Cable Bay Vineyard’s wine making philosophy and tell you everything you might possibly want to know about our wines. Bottles and cases available for purchase.


Cable Bay Wine Tasting $10 per person

The perfect introduction to one of Waiheke Island’s top vineyards.  Learn about Cable Bay’s wine making philosophy that drives the creation of our award-winning wines.  Try four of Cable Bay’s current releases. A great interlude to enjoying lunch in one of our restaurants afterwards.

  • 20-30 mins duration
  • Available to walk ins or can be booked
  • Hosted in the Cellar Door between 11am-5pm
  • $10 tasting fee refundable on purchase on two or more takeaway bottles of wine (does not apply to discounted value boxes)

Tour and Tasting $25 per person

A fascinating behind-the-scenes tour of the wine-making process at Cable Bay Vineyards. You’ll begin your guided tour in the vines, move on to the inner sanctum of the winery, visit the barrel rooms to soak in the rich oak aroma, move on to the luxurious wine library and finish at the Cellar Door for a well-deserved drop. Enjoy tasting four Cable Bay current releases as your knowledgeable host talks you through each wine and answers any questions you may have.

  • 45 mins (approx)
  • Available to groups of 2 to 40 people, must be pre-booked
  • Tasting hosted in the Cellar Door or separate area as convenient
  • $10 refundable on purchase on two or more takeaway bottles of wine (does not apply to discounted value boxes)
  • Weather dependent

Connoisseurs Tasting $50 per person

Treat yourself to something truly memorable. Our Connoisseurs tasting gives wine lovers the opportunity to sample a stunning selection of our esteemed Cable Bay Vineyards wines. Included in the tasting is our Waiheke Island Syrah, Waiheke Island Bordeaux blend, Waiheke Island Reserve Chardonnay and Marlborough Reserve Sauvignon Blanc. Enjoy our flagship wines with a selection of matching cheeses and a comprehensive explanation of our winegrowing philosophy and wines from your dedicated wine specialist. This is a wonderful experience, not to be missed.

Wine Trivia $40 per person

If you want to add an enjoyable twist and a bit of healthy competition to your day, allow us to host a wine trivia game for your group. Divide into groups or play as individuals as one of our knowledgeable staff pour your wines and ask you a series of questions. With multiple choice answers, be prepared for a healthy debate to ensue! The winner will be awarded a bottle of wine from our Awatere Valley range to take away as a prize!

  • Available to groups of 10 to 40 people – must be pre-booked
  • Hosted in private area