Tales from the Vineyard

Chloe Somerset, Cable Bay Vineyard Winemaker

It’s always exciting to be releasing new wines, as they burst with such vibrant aromatics and flavours that are reminiscent of the change in season. Our Rosé and Reserve Pinot Gris were the first to step out, while in the winery we work away at blending and finishing our first certified organic Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir. We’ve been eager to see the potential quality revealed due to the very warm and dry summer of 2019, and as we’d hoped, these wines have come up trumps!

In the vineyard, we now have our seasonal staff on board, which brings sparkling diversity to our small team. I always look forward to the festive feel of a full vineyard crew. They are investing much time, focus and diligence into our vineyards, and this helps to set us apart. Enjoy our new releases and we hope to see you here on the island over the summer months.

Merry Christmas!