TripAdvisor Review April 2015

“On arrival, we looked at the map and decided just to walk to the closest winery … Cable Bay … And we are really glad that we did.

Our friends on the tour actually picked us up when we were almost there. While they did their organized tasting, we did our own in the winery’s tasting room and really enjoyed their selection of wines. Our friends then told us they were going to stay for lunch and asked if we wanted to join them and taxi back to the ferry. We readily agreed and told them a short cut through the countryside would be only a 15 minute walk back.

What started out to be lunch and a bottle of wine turned into 3+ hours sampling a variety of Verandah’s small plates and several bottles of wine. We started with a Sauvignon Blanc, moved to a Chardonnay, then a Pinot Noir and ended with a Syrah. All were nice, drinkable wines that went well with a great selection of small plates. We had almonds, olives, a wonderful tomato, feta and watermelon salad, cured meats, prawns (probably the best thing we had), and lamb shoulder. Everything, including the view which was spectacular, was wonderful.

Afterwards, our waiter pointed us to the shortcut and we had a great nature walk through the country side back to the ferry. We only made it to one winery, but we had an excellent, memorable afternoon with our new friends at Verandah at Cable Bay Winery!”