We are very proud to have created extensive organic kitchen gardens at Cable Bay. These gardens supply our chefs with top quality, nutrient-dense food as well as beautiful edible flowers and micro-greens which they use to create their culinary masterpieces.

We strongly believe in a garden-to-table philosophy which aims to serve the freshest, premium ingredients straight from the source.

The soil in our gardens is enriched using an innovative composting technique, known as Bokashi, which breaks down the food waste that comes from the kitchen. The compost makes the soil highly nutritious—perfect for producing flavourful herbs, fruit, vegetables and flowers which our chefs can hand-pick daily to appear on the menu within hours.

Our garden family includes our own chickens which produce the eggs we serve, and our three hives of bees which produce delicious honey as well as supporting our crop pollination.



We care about our beautiful environment and aim to be as self-sustainable as possible.

In addition to composting our food waste, we tend worm farms where our worms eat all our shredded paper and waste cardboard from the office and restaurants. The worms, in turn, produce a nutrient-rich fertiliser which helps to fertilise the compost and can be sprayed on our plants as a health tonic. We pour the juice created from our Bokashi composting down our drains to keep the septic system clean and healthy.

We are passionate about our sustainability efforts at Cable Bay and how they enable us to provide fresh, nutritious ingredients from garden to table