We are proud to have created extensive organic kitchen gardens at Cable Bay, which supply our chefs with top quality, nutrient-dense food. This underpins our philosophy of garden-to-table, where we aim to serve the freshest, premium ingredients.

We have created the soil in our gardens by using innovative composting techniques with the food waste that comes from the kitchen, known as Bokashi. This makes the soil so nutritious, it grows fruit and vegetables with exceptionally high nutrient-density, which our chefs can hand-pick daily and serve to our customers. We’re even rearing our own chickens to produce the eggs we serve, and have a hive of bees to make honey and support our crop pollination. You don’t get fresher than that and this is the classic New Zealand approach – fresh from the garden to the plate within hours!



The fruit and veg we’re growing is changing all the time – anything from root veg, herbs, edible flowers, micro-greens, baby leaves and heirloom vegetables.

We care about the big picture and aim to be as self-sustainable as possible – by processing food, our cardboard and all our waste produced as a facility and putting this back into the food we grow and then serve. For example, we have worm farms, where the worms eat all our shredded paper and waste cardboard. The excrement they produce as a result helps to fertilise the compost and create a liquid spray we can use on our plants as a health tonic. The juice created from our Bokashi composting technique is put down our drains to keep the septic system clean and healthy.

It’s a complete cycle at Cable Bay, and one we’re really proud of.